The products and services of Aerotec-Europa GmbH focus on:

  • Ventilation Louvers
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Smoke Extraction
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Heat Recovery

Aerotec-Europa Louvers comply with state of the art technology and are suitable for an effective supply of fresh air for natural ventilation as well as for smoke extraction. Depending on customer requirements sound absorbers and / or heat exchangers can be attached on the inside.

Aerotec-Europa Roof Ventilators make use of the thermal lift inside the building for natural ventilation and natural smoke extraction. The aerodynamically designed structures guarantee a high-capacity and rain tight ventilation and smoke extraction. In case of increased requirements with regard to sound insulation, sound absorbers can be attached.

Product Catalog

Below you can download our current product catalog in PDF format. In order to view the catalog you need the Adobe Reader.

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